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November 06, 2017

No Stress, No Mess - How to Go About Your First Visit to a Cannabis Dispensary

Medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries have been becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

There are numerous consumption methods and the range of goods is expanding every day causing the purchase to seem more complicated than ever, especially if there is no one around to educate you on the matter.


It is possible that you have never been to a dispensary before or you have been going to the same one for years and noe decided to try out Silver Stem Fine Cannabis for its superior flower quality, friendly service, and loyalty program.


Many of our customers make their first time contact using messengers, and now you can look at the whole range of products and their prices on our website and even place an order and request a call from the budtender if you need an advice on anything! This way when you visit us for the first time to pick up your order, you will be welcomed as a friend with your order ready to go. Moreover, you will also save 15% on your purchase and get more of the fine product for your money!


You can message our staff using Facebook or Instagram chat to get answers to any questions you might have as well professional advice.


You can find out all the information about the desired strain on our website: THC and CBD content, Effects, Symptoms, Negatives and Conditions, look at the images and read the product description. After checking all the info, you can even place an online order.


To do that, go to the ORDER page, choose the nearest dispensary by using the map or entering the address and then you’ll be able to browse the store catalog, see all prices and availability. Online order is easy! Just choose the items on the store page, add them to the cart, go to cart and place the order. All you need is to confirm your phone number via SMS and upload Medical ID, if you are buying on the Medical side, and wait for our confirmation.


Before Purchasing.

  1. Identification. Before coming to the store, make sure to have your ID or an MMJ card (a medical card that confirms that you are a medical patient and authorizes the purchase of medical marijuana). You do not need to have an MMJ card to buy cannabis, but you must have an ID confirming your age and identity so make sure to make the online order in your name. 
  2. Cash. Have enough cash with you, since most dispensaries cannot accept credit cards and ATMs are not always around. To avoid the hassle, use cash and have enough for the purchase you planned. Using online order you will know the amount beforehand.
  3. Security. Be ready to be greeted by a security guard at the entrance - you will be ID’d every time you come in. If you are a MED patient, you must be 18+, and if you are not a MED patient, you must be 21+.
  4. Your personal benefits. Due to the fact that you have already picked the goods you wanted, you know about their properties, and had an order issued and confirmed, you can just go to the cash desk, pay for the order and pick it up. And of course, even at this stage, all our employees will be happy to answer any and all of the questions you may have. And you can also change your mind and change some or all products in the order or even cancel it, if you so desire.


We will be happy to see you order online using our updated website. And we are always here to help ensure that you avoid any stress, but simply enjoy our high quality products.


Just place an order and take it easy!


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