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November 01, 2021

What is Budder, Badder and Batter? A Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are not only about potency - they also offer a more flavorful and pure experience, and allow you to manage the effects.

So is it batter or badder? In short, all three words refer to basically the same concentrate although badder/batter’s consistency is a bit more loose and sticky, similar to that of a frosting or cake batter, and budder is smooth and reminds us of soft butter. Concentrate names are usually spot on in this regard. You got wax, shatter, live resin, sugar wax, rosin and more.

What is Budder? How is Budder Made?

Cannabis concentrates come in a variety of consistencies and colors - these depend on the extraction method and source material, i.e. the cannabis plant.

Budder is a cannabis concentrate extracted using a solvent. The raw plant is blasted with butane or CO2 to get the cannabinoids and terpenes out, and then filtered to get maximum purity.

The concentrate first appeared in Canada in the 1990s where it was created by future BudderKing and became very popular due to its cake batter consistency, purity, potency and flavor. It has a typical range of 80-90% THC and is very rich in terpenes compared to other varieties. The color of badder can range anywhere from greenish to orange.

How to Consume Cannabis Budder / Badder?

Thee are numerous ways to smoke or dab cannabis extracts and badder is rather easy to handle compared to other consistencies.

Dab rig. This apparatus is overall similar to a bong but was created specifically for concentrates. A dab rig consists of a mouthpiece, an advanced cooling system and a dab nail, which works as a bowl on a regular bubbler. By employing a more complicated cooling system and managing the temperature of the dabs by heating the dab nail, the rig offers a wonderful opportunity to fine tune your cannabis experience to your liking. It might take a while to get the hang of it all, but if you are looking to get the most of your badder’s terpene profile - this is the way to go. 

E-rig or e-nail. Similar to a regular dag rig, the electronic version is more efficient and offers precise temperature control. Buying a whole e-rig is a rather large one time purchase but think of it is an investment. A less costly option would be using an e-nail - basically a temperature controlled heart element - on your glass piece. 

Vape pen. You can “vape” budder using a pen suitable for smoking concentrates or dab pen. It is a great option if you need a portable device but make sure to pick one with variable temperature settings.

Nectar collector. Also called a dab straw and honey straw. The principle is similar to a dab but here the tip of the nectar collected and is run over the concentrate while the resulting vapor is inhaled through the straw similar to a humming bird or a bee collecting nectar. 

Twaxing. The term means mixing a concentrate with your flower. If you do not have a rig handy, you can add budder to your flower in a preroll or just pack it into a bowl. Smoking badder from a regular bong can work but it is considered inefficient and can be a bit messy.

Edibles. Not what the concentrates were meant for but you can use a recipe where cannabis is decarboxylated in the process of cooking and just replace the flower ingredient with your budder. Keep in mind that a gram of concentrate contains 3-4 more times THC than buds.

Green Dot Labs Budder


How to Store Your Cannabis Extracts?

Cannabis concentrates should be stored away from heat and sunlight, as THC will turn into CBN. Also, avoid humidity, as it may result in mold, and keep your product away from any contaminants, since you will be inhaling the vape from it.

Extracts should have an expiration date on them, so make sure to check that. The vendor packaging they come in is suitable for short and mid term storage.


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