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4 Amazing Christmas Deals

December 21 - January 2

This holiday season enjoy out TOP five deals of the year.

We have had plenty of specials throughout this wonderful year but 5 of them were so popular, we decided to offer them to all of our beloved customers one more time.

Due to great demand we extended the special till Jan 2 to make sure that everyone can enjoy our flower.


1. Get an ounce of high quality sativa strains - Snowcone or Chocolope – at just $89 at recreational stores.

All medical stores will offer $89/Oz on select strains.


2. All recreational stores will have a special price on ½ ounces of Cotton Kandy Kush, Lemon Cap, Kosher Kush, & Mimosa – only $59.

All medical stores will offer $59 half ounces on ALL strains.


3. All Silver Stem prerolls and blunts just $5 each. *Blunts available in Metro Denver area only.


4. And a special offer from the leading concentrate manufacturer O.penVAPE - all ISH cartridges will be 25% OFF.

We wish you happy holidays!

Sincerely yours,
Silver Stem Fine Team

Silver Stem Fine Cannabis