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Enter the Olio and Lyons Raffle

Enter the Olio and Lyons Raffle

Feb 21st - Mar 8th

Enter the Raffle to win one of 3 Amazing Prizes from Olio and Lyons and more! 

Stop by Denver East or SW location for the first collaboration between your favorite hash purveyor and creative citrus glass artist Sam Lyons. 

Starting February 21st, every purchase of a gram of Lyons Pride Rosin, Lymons Sauce or Lyonaid Live Resin gives participants an entry into the drawing for custom pieces of Sam Lyons Glass. One out of every three grams contains a Mini Lyons Milli Chip

Participants will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win special-edition prizes crafted by Sam Lyons specifically for this collaboration. 

Register your ticket number at www.dabolio.com/lyons-olio. 


1st Place: Citrus Rig
2nd Place: Citrus Dry Pipe
3rd Place: Lyons Citrus Slice Pendant

(3 winners will be chosen)