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October 25, 2020

How Cannabis Affects Sex - New Ways to Enhance Your Experience

Having sex while under the influence of cannabis is a whole experience.

Let us delve into the specifics including the science behind having sex and cannabis use.

Cannabis increases libido in both women and men. How does it work?

The anesthetic effect of cannabis, as opposed to alcohol, does not extend to pleasure sensations and does not interfere with potency. Many people report that cannabis boosts their libido and improves sex, noting that everything seems to slow down and the overall experience becomes more enhanced and sensual. This is due to the activation of the brain's cannabinoid receptors, which are associated with sexual pleasure and anxiety reduction. That is, the person worries less, relaxes and accordingly, sex becomes more enjoyable.

Fine-tuning your experience is better done through picking the flower with the right terpenes, which is the latest trend, but in this article we will look at it the way most people are used to, and that is sativa vs indica.

Sativa can improve your tone and mood, increase blood flow and sharpen the senses much better than indica can. It may also help with fatigue and loss of energy. If you came home tired from a stressful day or even a week, sativa may very well be the best natural option to get you in the mood.

Indica's sedative effect should help hyperactive people to avoid the being racy and calm their mind. If you suffer from anxiety and need to relax a little, choose a lighter indica flower or marijuana infused product.

Interesting fact - the susceptibility of the female body to cannabis depends on the level of estrogen in it. That is, hormones and THC are linked. And in terms of sexuality, cannabis usually affects women more than men, due to the very same estrogen. Many women have reported that under the influence of cannabis they get a longer and more intense orgasm. Cannabis helps free your head from unnecessary thoughts, and even migraines, your body relaxes leaving you free to focus on getting the joy out of intimacy.

When smoking cannabis, a dry mouth is one of the most common side effects. But it is not only the mouth that gets dry, it is a general dehydration of the body, which may require the use of lubricant for most women. And since sex will probably add to draining the body of fluids, remember to hydrate.

And you do not have to consume flower. There are numerous ways to get the same effects with their own pros and cons. Just remember to avoid mixing cannabis with alcohol, especially hard liquor, to make sure you have a predictable and pleasant experience.

1. Edibles/drinks. You can enjoy a coffee with THC chocolate, or other delicious sweets. Or you can opt for an infused drink. But keep in mind that the effects of edibles are not as predictable and take a lot longer - up to an hour - to kick in. You can make a romantic dinner with an infused product of your own making - add cannabutter or use a Ripple soluble to add a twist to your meal.

2. Topicals. Use a lotion with THC for a massage. Or use a bath bomb to enjoy and relax together, before and/or after. Coda Signature offers a nice 3 piece Symphony package.

3. Lubricants. There are various options - CBD only, high CBD:THC. In addition to their usual effect, they penetrate through the mucous membrane into the blood stream and provide more effects than topicals. Many doctors recommend the use of cannabis lubricants for women who experience pain during intercourse.

Remember to consume responsibly and consult your physician if in doubt.

Enjoy your special night, and we hope cannabis will help you with a new, deeper, exciting and stimulating sensations.

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