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November 11, 2020

Cannabis & Pregnancy. Effects and Safety of Using it Before, During, and After

Can you do it? Should you do it? Find out.

It's no secret that the use of cannabis in any form during pregnancy is strongly discouraged, but today we will take a closer look at this issue.

Can I Use Marijuana During Pregnancy?

First you need to understand that cannabis in any form is inadvisable to consume during pregnancy. Smoking cannabis, ingesting edibles / drinks, dabbing concentrates and even using topicals is not recommended. Of course, that goes for tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

According to a 2016 research, about 5% of women in the US reported using cannabis during pregnancy, which might be at least two times that now. 

Though there has not been much research, the studies that have been conducted show that using marijuana while you are pregnant can cause health problems in newborns, and breathing marijuana smoke can also be bad for the baby. Plus, there is a concern about the mother’s ability to properly care for the baby while consuming cannabis, which of course depends on the dosage and common sense. Some studies also suggest that marijuana consumption during pregnancy may effect the child’s development.

If you are a woman who consumes cannabis and are planning a pregnancy, you must understand that you need to stop using it before conception. As you probably know, cannabis remains in the body for some time, which can negatively affect the health of the unborn child. Cannabinoids can remain in your system anywhere from several days to a year. A lot depends on the frequency of use, your metabolism, and other factors. The THC cannabinoid itself will remain in your body for up to a week. Its metabolites though, which are parts left after THC flushes, are stored in fat cells and can be traceable in the body for up to 3 months.

Frequency Flush Time
Once a month 1 week
2-4 times a month 2 weeks
2-4 times a week 1 month
Every day Over 2 months

During pregnancy, you may be troubled by various pains, heartburn, low hemoglobin, weakness, mood swings and so on, but you should be careful even with the use of pharmaceuticals, which should all be taken after consulting your OB-GYN. Everything that the expectant mother uses during pregnancy affects the health of the unborn child. Because of this, you need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamins, spend a lot of time outdoors, in parks, mountains and near water. During pregnancy, the most important thing is to take care of your physical and mental health, and strive to be in the positive mood

Can I Consume Cannabis During Breastfeeding?

After the birth of the long-awaited baby, the mother will have an equally important period - breastfeeding. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends that the baby be exclusively breastfed until six months of age, and then breastfeed for at least two years with appropriate complementary foods, although it is a very personal choice and opinions differ. Do not forget that along with nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and fats that nourish the baby's body, everything that the mother consumes is transmitted through breast milk. Various chemicals contained in cannabis can be passed to your baby through breast milk and that includes THC as well. The studies on the effects of marijuana use during breastfeeding have been conflicting, but it is best to avoid using it to limit the exposure and lower the risk of potential harm.

Cannabis is on the list of Drugs that have reported side effects to a baby while breastfeeding by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Drugs Committee.

Marijuana Use After Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

After completing breastfeeding, you can already return to using any form of cannabis. After a long break, you will have an increased tolerance to cannabis, because of this it is worth starting with small doses. For more on marijuana tolerance, check out our detailed article.

When you have a child at your home, due consideration must be given to the safe storage of cannabis making sure that it is out of reach of children. It is best to have special security boxes located at higher levels, only accessible by adults. And of course, keep your children safe from secondhand smoke. 

Love and nourish your kids, enjoy your parenthood, consume responsibly and stay safe!

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