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April 15, 2020

Unique and Special 4/20 - How Will 2020 Celebrations Be Different

The biggest cannabis celebration of the year is coming up and we want to take a look at just how different will it be this time around.

Most people have heard about 4/20 and know that “it has something to do with pot”. It does, but it would be an oversimplification to say so. Some even still believe it is police code for possession of marijuana or Bob Marley’s birthday. It is not. In short - 4/20 refers to cannabis or its consumption, its celebration, so to speak. And it also refers to a historically picked time of the day to light “up”, as well as the date - April 20 - when festivities are held around the globe to celebrate this amazing plant and all it has to offer.

Over the past years these celebrations have been getting bigger and bigger every year, with thousands of concerts and festivals throughout the country, with Colorado being at the helm of it all.

420 celebrations usually involve record sales of cannabis with dispensaries offering tons of amazing deals. People stock up on their favorite product, and enjoy various festivities - going out, celebrating with friends, and of course, sharing a joint.

Not this year though. Especially in regard to sharing and other hygiene necessities related to cannabis use. The pandemic has probably forever changed the consumption culture and the industry itself. And this is not to say that these changes have all been negative. Everyone is adopting to the new realities, like online order and curbside pick up, use of non-cash payments, like credit and debit cards, as well paying online with CanPay. And this will also pave the way for the upcoming changes that will allow cannabis delivery in Colorado.

Let’s take a closer look at what changes to expect in this year’s 420 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Concerts and Festivals

Among top Google searches this year are “What is there to do on 420 in Colorado?”, “What's going on in Denver for 420?”, “420 concert denver 2020”, and “Where is 420 being held this year?”. We can definitely help with the first one, but I’m afraid you won’t like the answer to the other three. There will be no mass events in Colorado, and in most places, this year.

Compared to the previous years, when going out was simply a must, this year the only celebrations we’ll see - will be happening online.

And we are delighted to announce that Silver Stem is planning a big 420 celebration stream with our digital budtender Annalise, who is already hosting a 420 Virtual Hour on zoom every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

2. Get Together’s and Going Out

Most people will stay home. Compared to the previous years, this year people will stick to staying at home with close family. Meeting up with your friends for a joint session - pun intended - is also out. Again, you can do it online, but it is not recommended leaving your home or contacting with other people without necessity. If you are planning to consume cannabis with someone else, see our guide on how to do it in a safe manner. On the upside - there will be no traffic and you are free to get  home without the usual traffic jams as soon as you finish your essential work.

3. Consumption Purpose

Of course there will be plenty of recreational use, it is a big holiday after all, but more people than ever are turning to cannabis to relive stress and anxiety.

4. Food

It’s all about delivery, and take out this year. But now it is not just pizza or fast food. All dining will be done in-home since all restaurants, bars, and cafes are closed. Show support to your favorite local spot by ordering delivery or take out in these difficult times.

5. Movies

It’s a definitive “no” on the movies. They are all closed, except for drive-ins. Luckily, you got Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services. Pick your favorite TV show to binge on or check out one of these 420 classics.

6. Video Games

This is one of the most unaffected areas, since in recent years gaming has moved almost entirely online. Although, if you are a fan of playing team sports games or fighting, and doing so in a loud company of friends, you might want to wait on that. And, make sure to check out our Top 5 strain suggestions for playing video games.

7. A Once in a Life-Time Number

Last but not least - this year at 4:20 of April 20th, 2020 we will witness the only 4/20 with four twenties in it. Make it a special one to remember.

We hoped you enjoyed our list and you can always share your thoughts with us on Instagram or Facebook!

Have a safe and fun 420!

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